Brand Standards


Star 2 Success Brand Strategy & Brand Positioning

Branding is the sum of all your touch point experiences working together to build a single impact in your customer's mind.
Every time a customer interacts with your brand (like visiting your website or walking past your shop front), this is known as a 'Touch point'. No one touch point works in isolation, it's the sum of them all that will influence a customers' buying decision, so everything must be 'In Brand'.

Our mission is to create seamless brand experience for your customers so we consider how all of your brand's touch points work together for maximum effect. From a customer's pre-purchase experience, like visiting your website, the moments they walk through your door, their purchase process, and how they interact with your brand after they've left. First impressions last, last impressions linger! If every touch point says something about your brand, then every single one of them needs to look and feel the same. It's what we call 'integration' and basically works towards maximizing the impact of your brand. And because we handle everything under one roof, you're guaranteed consistency

Star 2 Success Brand Creation / Brand Identity Consultancy

Brand names can be a big part of the marketing of any type of  ventures. One must either be purchased through a franchise license agreement or membership or created independently.
A brand helps provide an identity and a sense of consistency. Creation of a brand is something
Star 2 Success Consultants can provide to investors and owners based on the brief of
expectation and market environment study, all deliverables including brand identity manual.


The Star 2 Success Brand creation  phases:

Phase 1

  • Review of competitive brand environment both current and future in target markets
  • Conclusion of the proposed brand’s competitive set
  • Proposed brand positioning in relation to the competitive set
  • Identification and audit of target customer profile, mindset, purchase patterns and demographics

Phase 2

  • Brand Vision statement which will be the call to action
  • Brand Mission statement which is the road map to vision execution
  • Brand pillars which form the foundation of the brand
  • Brand points of difference in product, service, pricing and distribution versus the brand competitive set
  • Brand name and logo
  • Brand promise and mantra

Phase 3

  • Brand Design Guidelines/Technical Standards Manuals to ensure expansion or rebranding consistency
  • Development road map location recommendations which will enable both pure hotel management contracts and investment positions
  • Brand Manual preparation including Operations /HR /Finance /Sales /Marketing /PR /Revenue Management /Pre-opening processes
  • Brand job profiles
  • Brand training programs
  • Full brand identity Manual