Executive Search & Placement


Our Star 2 Success Executive Search Process
Our Promise: possessing matchless insight ... delivering exceptional results.

  • We source, interview and provide our clients with qualified candidates who will capture and implement your organizational goals successfully.
  • We have Customized Solutions for your Head Hunting & Placement Services needs.
  • Outsourcing services of preliminary shortlist of candidates on behalf of the company.
  • Putting together the perfect team is for your organization is an investment decision that is essential in ensuring the success of your company.
  • Carry out Due Diligence including Confidential Reference check services.
  • For companies and organizations, our mission is to support the strategic business goals of our clients by providing the top scientific talent they need to achieve these goals.
  • For candidates, we offer a wide spectrum of job opportunities to advance their careers, from Fortune 500 companies to cutting edge research organizations and venture capital start-ups.

The Star 2 Success Executive Search Process Chart
Integrity, Trustworthiness & Innovation Solutions

Our Target Levels:
Assist in placement services of CEO's CTO's, CFO's, MD, Directors/VP's/Country Managers/ General Managers & Mid Level Managers/ Leads Executive /
Sr Executive Levels. We also provide quality human resources for all levels in the Hospitality & Service Sector.

Our Target Sectors:

    • Hospitality Sector (all levels)
    • Travel & Tourism Sector (all levels)
    • Service Sector across Industries (all levels)
    • Retail Sector
    • Wellness & Spa Sector
    • Health care Sector
    • Banking, Insurance & Financial Services Sector
    • BPO’s, KPO’s Sector
    • Education Sector
    • FMCG

Our USP: Multinational Corporations & International Recruitments in
the above sectors

Executive Search

Pre-opening Support

Deciding to open a major hotel is the first step towards actualizing an idea.
Star 2 Success Consultants  has the expertise to take your ideas to reality.
As part of our Pre-opening Support services, Star 2 Success Consultants will work with your building project manager, your architects, your designers, your structural planning and your finance team to ensure that plans are translated into an efficient operational frame work.
Our services begin from finding a suitable location to build a new facility, to sourcing and purchase an existing establishment. We assist in obtaining necessary permits, licenses and certifications; source architects, general contractors and project managers and ensure compliance with local standards.
Star 2 Success Consultants will design an organizational structure that suits your particular requirements. Our Team of Finance and Business Development professionals can ensure we build a guaranteed success plan.

We offer Pre-opening support in the following sectors:

  • Hospitality Sector (all levels)
  • Travel & Tourism Sector (all levels)
  • Service Sector across Industries (all levels)
  • Retail Sector
  • Wellness & Spa Sector