Star 2 Success Tech



Who are we ?

Star2Success Tech is a IT consulting sub division of Star 2 Success Consultants  based in Mumbai & Noida  providing IT Consultancy Services with a particular stress on assisting and guiding existing companies & new entrants in the field of Health Care, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism,  Corporate & Service Sector related industries.

Why should you choose us:

Cost: We care about your money and provide you cost effective solutions.

Time: Our vision is to provide you quick and quality services. We understand how important is this for your business to go to your customer.


Experts : We have got some of the best talents of India working for you.
Star2Success Tech has team of bright software developers who has been in IT
industry with major IT giants from more than 6 years.

Technology : We work with the latest Microsoft Technologies & other latest IT
technology . So your product is going to get all the latest advantages.

Trust and Security : We do what we say and always meet our deliverables. This is what our existing business partners say.

Our Vision is to provide quality and quick software services so that client's vision gets translated into a robust software. It helps our clients to launch their products and services
in market quickly and hence become a leader instead of a follower


Our Tech Services

1.  Star2Success Tech has a deep domain knowledge of healthcare standards viz. HL7,
CDA & DICOM for healthcare data transfers, imaging softwares.
2.  Hospital Management/ Patient Registration softwares
3.  Expertise in creating teleradiology workflow softwares
4.  Expertise in creating hotel reservations software & property management systems.
5.  Employee Management/Student Management software for universities
6.  Any type of workflow portals for hospitals, universities, corporate, travel & tourism & hotels.
7.  Website developments for any business.
8. Star 2 Success Consultants also  undertakes to provide IT Services and
Assistance normally required by Owners and Investors, wishing to develop their product in
compliance with international standards, which in turn can compete with the best of its  kind in the world.