Global Real Estate Solutions

High Net-Worth Individual Real Estate Solutions

We remove the stress from a time consuming process of finding the Buyer / Seller & Liaison in the Global Real Estate Sector by lending an experienced hand in what may be the most important transaction of our High Net-worth Individual clients. We also assist in liaison for completing formalities and documentation with NOC, Transfer of the property with Builders, Legal and Government Authorities. By providing first class service to our clients and by ensuring that we keep your interests as our top priority. We also keep our clients informed at every stage of the process. Client Confidentiality and Secrecy is assured.


Real Estate Sales & Marketing

Market Research

The market demands attention and we as businesses must tend to their every desire. Everything Star 2 Success Consultants provides, from our service scope, is market-led so that the results make you and your customers happy.

Our Expertise

Star 2 Success Consultants believes that how you present your Property to the market or which Property you wish to buy is critical. Star 2 Success Consultants  have expertise in niche marketing in the Global Real Estate Markets. Our consultants strive to assist our clients develop a plan to give their property search or sales a good chance at success. We also help in developing marketing or business development partnerships.

Our USP: Customer Satisfaction Measurement

We care for our customers. After all, they keep us in business.

Asking the Right Questions

What are our Clients Key Result Areas ?

What do our customers like about our service?

·What needs to be improved?




Strategic Realty Management Our marketing strategies are drawn from our body of knowledge, our experience in Real Estate Marketing Strategies, and is mixed with a whole lot of expert intuition. We take your objectives, define what your target customer wants, develop tactics to engage them, carve a competitive edge, and get creative in the process.



Liaison for improving compliance with the Licenses, NOC & Standard Accreditations

  • Coordination and liaison with Government Authorities for grant of Licenses & No Objection Certificates (NOC). We provide very effective follow up services of any nature with any Govt. or Pvt. Agency.
  • We provide liaison services with Private or Govt. of any nature, from putting up of application to obtaining approvals – End to End – solution to your documentation problem. We also have a panel of expert corporate lawyers and Chartered Accountants who can handle all your contract & taxation queries effectively.


Star 2 Success Consultants aims to provide a complete breakdown of how your property is perceived online globally and where and how the best rates are being distributed to your advantage – all of which will be marked against your competitive set.