Audits & Reviews



We offer three distinct Audit services to the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Retail & Service sector:

  • Internal audit and non assurance services

Asset management and operational management analysis
Brand compliance reviews

Internal audit and non assurance services

We specialise in providing a complete range of internal audit and non assurance related services . We offer a tailored service based on a co-develop approach which allows us to thoroughly understand your specific objectives and requirements.

  • Collectively we offer a breadth and depth of industry knowledge and technical experience including:
  • Hotel Enterprise Wide Internal Audit
  • Hotel Asset Management and Operational Performance Analysis
  • Hotel Brand Compliance Reviews
  • Risk Management Assessments and Fraud Awareness Workshops
  • Internal Control Framework Reviews
  • Developing Policies and Procedures and Reporting Frameworks
  • Implementing Internal Control Self Assessments Frameworks
  • Depending upon the nature and the associated risk profile of the asset, the scope may include a combination of the follow key processes:
  • Cash Handling and Control
  • Central reservation or booking system, Agency Commissions
  • Telecommunication revenue procedures
  • Other revenue procedures (including concessions where applicable)
  • Accounts Receivable and credit
  • Conferencing / banqueting procedures
  • Expense Control & Payroll
  • Procurement and Payments Cycle, Inventory Management
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Cleaning and Maintenance, Housekeeping
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Information System including Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recover Procedures
  • Compliance Plans


Our Audit Services in the Hospitality Sector

Our team has deep experience in all aspects of Hotel Operational Audits including:

  • Hotel Management
  • Financial Control
  • Engineering
  • Food & Beverage
  • Rooms Division
  • Front Office
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Executive Housekeeping

Hotel Asset Management and Operational Performance Analysis

External Management Consultants offers a variety of non assurance services designed to enhance revenue, contain costs and maximise the overall long term asset value. Depending upon the need, we can offer services either on a short term basis (for example one off hotel reviews or performance check ups) or on a periodic arrangement involving regular monthly or quarterly hotel reviews.

We deliver quality service and outcomes through the use of skilled and experienced performance auditors and Hotel Asset Managers. Performance audits are scoped and planned to meet your specific operational or strategic requirements.

Services include:

  • Hotel Performance Analysis
  • Hotel Expenditure Reviews
  • Operator Performance Reviews
  • Management Contract Compliance Reviews
  • Benchmarking / Best Practice Reviews
  • Analysis of Hotel KPIs and competitive positioning

Hotel Brand Compliance Reviews

Most marketing experts understand that branding is one such distinct advantage they have over their competitors and is one of the best ways to communicate subtle yet powerful messages to customers. A company’s brand is influential in a customer’s purchasing decision.

When brand compliance is not enforced or encouraged consistently, it can create a gap between how customers perceive your company and how you want to be perceived. The wider this gap, the more confusion occurs among your customers and potential customers.

To assist operators, in maintaining their brand edge, External Management Consultants provides a variety of services ranging from:

  • Brand Compliance Audits
  • Mystery Shopper Programmes
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Guest Comment Card Analysis

The brands of each hotel are key strategic assets.
As a result, an embedded Brand Standards Compliance Program provides many benefits in allowing organisations to:

  • Efficiently monitor the compliance of each hotel within the region against set standards;
  • Allow for benchmarking of compliance scores to region-wide set thresholds;
  • Allow for brand non compliance standards to be identified and addressed within Management Action Plans; and
  • Provide consistency and confidence within the produce and service provided.
  • Prior to commencing the Brand Compliance Review, we walk clients through program design, database programming, administration, fieldwork and reporting, creating programs customized around the clients standards and brand promise.

Our programs measure:

  • Compliance with corporate standards, procedures, rules and policies
  • Customer service (friendliness, responsiveness, resourcefulness, product name recognition and more)
  • Product quality, cleanliness, maintenance and functionality
  • Product knowledge and Job Skills
  • Consistency across brands, products and- properties
  • Brand identity, graphics and signage compliance
  • Compliance with marketing and loyalty programs
  • Full Audit on reservation procedures & pricing structures

Star 2 Success Consultants can provide a full audit on reservation procedures and pricing structures to ensure that the hotel is optimising every potential sale. A detailed audit will highlight the weakest areas in your sales and rate strategies as well as the strongest - addressing each with the goal of maximising both internal procedures and revenue potential.

alternative view will spend an average of 2 days on-site, evaluating all current procedures to include:

• how reservations are made
• current selling strategies
• rate policies
• how the hotels' brand website is managed
• third party distribution
• competitor analysis
• hotel systems

A full report is then compiled and returned to the property with recommendations on new procedures and how business could be improved and profit maximized.