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ITC Maurya, New Delhi

How to please a hard core passionate non veg foodie who can' t enjoy the party without his Bacardi & Diet Coke when exposed to a pure Vegetarian teetotaler party ???


Well "Kamal Mahal" in ITC Maurya Sheraton did the trick by impressing me with with their fruit punch, makka ke tarts, not one but two helpings of their delicate Lemon Coriander Vegetable Soup, Antipasto: with a unique assortment of a Cheese Platter, Oven fresh breads and rolls, some delicious olives, Thai Green Curry, Live Gueridon Counter of Vegetable Claypot ........leaving their delicious Dumpukht & Bukhara delicacies behind and finishing off with a Passion fruit Panna Cotta ...loved it and followed it up with another Cherries & Assorted Berries Panna Cotta, one of the most delicious Chocolate Truffle Cake, Adrak ka Halwa, Kesari Phirni and Shahi Tukda .........Yes I am alive !!!

What actually impressed my quality audit eyes was the clock work precision of Courteous Service with undivided personalized attention to all the gathering all coupled with the subtle stylish sophistication of the dazzling decorations which created an absolute marvelous ambiance put on fire by a passionate group of Live Qawwalis on Stage !!!

Kudos to the Banquet team of ITC Maurya Delhi which made my evening !!! Ah and to the host !!!


It was a full 10 out 0f 10 from the Valet to the Front of the House areas !!! Well with a tag: they are still sticking to their 24/7 brand promotion & Sale of Fiama di Willis beauty products, toiletries & cosmetics range at MRP rates in the Lobby ............a bit of a mis-match there ........but was overwhelmed by the sweet lady lobby desk Incharge who said "We are proud to promote a ITC brand".....after all we are this is a ITC Hotel" !!!