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"Something Fishy"


Something's really Fishy here ....................Mr Raj Suryawanshi Director Food & Beverage of The Reganza by Tunga


It was on a weekday on a business- vacation in Mumbai in December 2012 that I decided to take my nephew Anuj Khanna's

advice to try "Some Thing Fishy". He knows that I like Fish. So on a lazy afternoon for me but a busy weekday for Navi-

Mumbai'ites I stepped in to The Reganza by Tunga which has a tag line : Business Redefined.....


Located strategically in the heart of Navi Mumbai at Vashi, this Business Hotel is the 1st Five Star Hotel in Navi Mumbai

offers a blend of business and pleasure and assures its guest of a perfect sojourn. With its opulent rooms, exclusive lounge,

fine restaurants "Something Fishy", Crimson the Resto Bar & Cafe Vihar. The Raya-Spa & salon. has an offer Avail 1 full

body massage & get 1 complimentary. They have a nice kids area which was quite busy.


Stepping into "Something Fishy"I decided to check at the Restaurant Hostess desk about any special offers. Their A La Carte

selection is a sophisticated array of Seafood of all styles. They also had a nice offer on Weekdays Lunch Buffet @ Rs. 525/-(All

Incl) with a special Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer only at Something's Fishy and at Crimson -The Restobar .


Seems they had distributed quite a few coupons in Navi Mumbai and the place was very busy with the Restaurant staff hard-

pressed to refill the buffet. I decided to take a couple of coupons from the helpful Supervisor at the desk for my nephew and his

wife and decided to try out their fare. While they had 2 Mocktails as part of the Lunch Buffet I requested and got served a Fresh

Lime soda with Lime slices. There were 3 Non Veg and 3 Veg Salads. I loved the Cole Slaw, Roast Corn Salad and Chicken

Salad Hawaiian. Picked up an assortment of breads and proceeded to the Chicken Shorbha and Almond Soup. Stuck to the

Shorbha. It was tasty and deserved a refill.


While there were 2 Vegetarian and 2 Non Veg Starters I stuck to the Crispy Chilli Fish and Chicken Bannoo Kebab.

For the Main Course there were 4 Veg and 3 Non Veg Main Courses, Live Pasta Counter, 2 kinds of Rice and Assorted Indian

Bread. I selected a tasty Goan Fish Curry with Steamed Rice to start and followed up with Delicious Murgh Makhni,

Lamb Roghan Josh with some Missi Roti and Stuffed Kulcha. There were good selections for the Vegetarians too with Paneer

Lababdaar, Corn Palak and Dal Makhni to name a few.


After taking a break and reading the newspaper I saw that there were 10 Desserts to wrap it up. Varieties of Assorted Cakes,

Pastries, Souffles, Cheesecakes, Gulab Jamun, Phirni, Dal ka Halva just to name a few. I picked up a Lemon Souffle, Black

Forest cake, Blue Berry Cheese Cake and savoured the Phirni and Gulab Jamun combo.


The Menu was basic but tasty. The stress was on value for money. At buy one get one free this was a steal ! No wonder they

have upgraded their prices now to Weekdays @ Rs.645/- All inclusive and on weekends @ Rs. 695/- All Inclusive.

They have also modified their scheme to Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offer. I still want to get back and have a lavish buffet as it still

would be Value for money and an experience to remember. I look forward to coming back and sharing with you the A La Carte