Profile of our Consultants



We provide best practice expertise and practical, action-oriented solutions. We never attempt to apply "cookie cutter" solutions. Rather, we pursue a consultative approach - working first to understand the client's needs and objectives and then crafting customized solutions. Since our consultants have worked in corporate settings, they understand what's required to move beyond concept to implementation.

Our consultants combine extensive corporate and consulting experience. The result for our clients: access to best practice expertise; practical, action-oriented solutions; and a consultative, customized approach.

Our Consultants Combine

  • Excellent educational background
  • Extensive corporate as well as consulting experience
  • Strong client service orientation

Areas of Expertise across

Talent Transformation, Learning/ Training & Development, Mystery Visit Audits (Secret Shoppers), Executive Search, Star2Success Certifications, Life Coaching, Organization Development Training Interventions, Quality Audits, New Ventures/ Project Consultancy, Behavioural Training, Soft Skills, Stress Management, Personality Development, Creating the First Impressions, Team Building, Framing Key Result Areas, Brand Standards, Standard Operating Procedures, Strategy Planning, Business Consultancy, Business Operations, Organizational Growth, People Management, Thought Leadership, Risk Management, Sales & Marketing, Consultancy to Educational Institutions & Students.

Our Focus Sectors

Hospitality, Service Sector, Travel & Tourism, Telecommunications, BPO's, FMCG, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Educational & Academics.

The details of the individual profile of our Consultants for your project would be sent on request after understanding the details of your project & customizing our solutions for the same.