How To Attain Success With Simple Steps



How To Attain Success With Simple Steps

When you think about success, what comes into your mind? For most people, they will think about making a lot of money, staying in a big luxury bungalow, having and driving big cars, dining in the finest restaurant and more.

All the thoughts about success are so big and huge and they cannot be accomplished in just a day. In other words, it shows to you that success is not something that you can achieve instantly. You cannot achieve all the things and results that you want in an instant. You cannot become a millionaire overnight, it is possible, but it is a very rare case.

Therefore, for most people, success is about the end results that they are getting and not the journey that they are going through. The journey is where most people fail.

A lot of people fail to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams not because they cannot see the end results that they want, but because they do not have whatever it takes to go through the journey. So this is where this article comes in.

What I would like to share with you today is that you can be successful at any moment in your life. Since it is the journey (what you do) that matters, so you must celebrate all your actions and treat them as a success.

When you are reading this article, you are actually making a small progress toward your success. You are motivating yourself and learning how you can achieve what you want in your life. You may not see the effect and the result right away. The truth is that these small actions did really contribute toward your success.

If your goal is to lose weight, you are successful when you push away the plate full of fries in front of you. The same if your goal is to become a millionaire. You are successful when you read an article about how to invest wisely in the market. As long as you do something, you are actually making the progress and are contributing your own success.

Many people did not realize this fact and this is why they are not doing anything about their dreams and their goals. When you treat all the small actions as a success, you will do them and you will do a lot of them.

This is what every successful person did and this is how the ultimate success can be achieved. You know it very well that if you want to achieve something, you must put in the effort by taking small actions each day. When you take action, the results will accumulate and eventually they will overflow and make the big success possible.

It is just like adding water into a bottle. If you keep on adding water into the bottle, it will eventually full and overflow. This is a common sense that most people know, but they did not realize that the same principle applies in their lives.

So now you understand how simple and small action steps can help you to accomplish your big dreams. What you need to do right now is to look at those small steps as a success. Celebrate after you have taken the necessary actions.

You do not need to have big celebration such as taking a vacation to Hawaii or something like that. You can celebrate by watching a movie, playing games, take a nap, buy yourself an ice-cream, listen to songs, relax, take a walk in the garden, do something that you love and so on and so forth.

There are many ways you can reward yourself. You want to develop taking action as a habit that is why you reward yourself whenever you do so. Once you have made it a habit, you will eventually reach your destination that you have always desire.

This is how success is done and how you can do it as well.


Creating Visualization


Creative Visualization - Attracting Success With Mind Power

Bring Success to your Life with Creative Visualization

"Chase your Dreams", "Never give up on your dreams", "Work hard and let your dreams come true", why the legendary Steven Tyler of Aerosmith made a whole song on it, "Dream On" (one of my favs.!), with the lyrics, "Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true". This is the one step where the whole world struggles, From Imagination to Reality, or simply dreams to reality! For this creative visualization is what we need.

Creative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams come true. If applied properly, Creative Visualization can bring loads of success and prosperity to your life. With this, you can alter your environment to the required extent, change circumstances, make events occur, attract success and soon the materialistic desires will follow suit. Power over mind brings Success and that is what Creative Visualization mainly focuses on.

There are people who use it in their everyday affairs too (Me too!), either knowingly or unknowingly (you may call this daydreaming!). Famous personalities and celebs too use this to attract success. The main thing here is they imagine their goals as if they had been already achieved.

So, How does it work? Just imaging or imagination of your goals as already achieved will help? Before I answer, I must admit that all the credit goes to the human brain and more importantly because it has that necessary subconscious part. With creative visualization, our subconscious part of the brain accepts the thoughts and changes our attitude and habits and actions and what not accordingly to our goals, or to keep it simple, it'll put you in the right path to achieve your goal. Subsequently, with change in our actions and attitude, we can alter the circumstances created by us, with it comes the alteration of the environment around us and with this we greatly increase the chances for events to occur our way. With a bit of luck, your goal is more substantially easy to achieve than it was before.

Overcoming Limited Thinking

Okay, everything looks so easy, so should I start making my thoughts right now? If it were that easy, we'd all be Superhumans or world famous personalities. I'll tell you, it's not easy to control your thinking, not easy at all. You gotta have a whole lotta heart and grit. Thus, we must curb the limits within us. For this, you should tune you're thinking. Start with small demonstrations, cling onto them until you think you can grow. At first it requires a lot of mental power, with constant thinking of the same thoughts, the subconscious brain does it's part, by grasping those thoughts and then you begin to think of your goals spontaneously. From here on, your thinking should start growing rapidly to the fullest extent i.e. achieving your goal and this is what I call 'Creative Visualization'.


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